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BIBLE VERSIONS - ONLINE Source: BibleGateway (Christianbook)
ALL Follow this link to online many translations Bibles in multiple languages.
BIBLE UNIVERSE Source: Amazing Facts
This site offers Bible studies in different languages. Topics of study range from: the Second Coming of Jesus Christ; the mystery of death; facts about diet and health; to the major end-time prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. Also includes sermons on various topics in the Bible.
CLEARVIEW Source: South Pacific Division SDA
ADULT This is a set of study guides focusing on prophesy. It also includes articles that give a greater insight into the topic commonly asked questions and a glossary.
DISCOVERY COURSE – 26 BOOKLETS Source: Seventh-day Adventist Church
ADULT This course gives meaning to life and offers hope at the dawning of a new millennium. It gives spiritual answers to questions such as:  Where do we Come From and Where are we Going?
FOCUS ON PROPHECY - 20 BOOKLETS Source: South Pacific Division SDA
ADULT A chapter by chapter study of the Bible books of daniel and revelation from the God Cares approach. Booklets 1-7 focus on Daniel. Booklets 8-20 focus on Revelation. In full colour with review sheets. Use the course as a group study or in a seminar setting.
LIGHT OF THE WORLD - 25 BOOKLETS Source: Seventh-day Adventist Church
ADULT A modern-day look at man who has made the greatest impact on human history. This is the real Jesus - the Jesus of the street and the workplace, not of the monasteryor the cathedral.
SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST BELIEVE - 28 FUNDAMENTALS Source: Seventh-day Adventist Church
ADULT Test your knowledge of the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. You will also hav access to an interactive Bible Study of these beliefs.
SABBATH SCHOOL BIBLE STUDY & DISCUSSION Source: Seventh-day Adventist Church
ALL The Seventh-day Adventist Church produces this Bible study for adults, teens and children. The guides focus on a new topic every three months.
TRY JESUS - 24 BOOKLETS Source: Seventh-day Adventist Church
With the growing public interest in spiritual realities and in Jesus Christ with many asking, Who is He? What did He teach? Are His ideas relevant today? This course will help you answer these questions. The Bible is the textbook.